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What Was The Last Farang Food You Cooked?

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Beans on toast ☺️


All my life, I've enjoyed both cooking, and eating in equal measure, but these days, I naturally leave the cooking to my missus. 

I love thai food, but I wouldn't know how to start cooking it. 

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Never eaten Thai Food in 25 years. Awful chemical Gunge.

Hahahahahaha I googled Matzzon+Chef and this popped up !!  

I see.  Whatever turns you on I suppose. 

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5 minutes ago, Brewster67 said:

Stew is BETTER after it has been frozen.


the whole idea of a stew is that all the flavours infuse into each other and I can tell you that I enjoy the frozen portions more than the first out of the pot. the beef for example is way more tender after freezing.


Just my honest opinion.

Sure, it´s your opinion and you are entitled to it. However, the fact is totally different. Here you can ask any chef that have ever cooked food that i of higher class than a lunch buffet. The reason why your stew is better and more tender later is that you are not using an acceptable quality regarding your ingredients.

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Chilli con carne! Made it a bit too hot this time lol Did a quick thermometer check in the subsequently affected area Went off the scale 555!!

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Just now, ThailandRyan said:

What's one persons Foie Gras is another's breaded pig's trotter with Béarnaise sauce, an analogy of course for @Matzzon

Had to google Foie Gras...... I threw up in my mouth a little, seriously what in tarnation is that all about ?

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