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Trump retweets, then deletes, video of supporter shouting 'white power'

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1 hour ago, mtls2005 said:

Florida man retweets racist Florida man. Somehow just so symmetrical.


Interesting that the first defense was that "the president didn't watch the video". The "White Power" chant is six seconds in.


Then the tweet was removed.


While heinous, and revealing of the true nature of the president, it's still not enough to distract from the Putin/Bounty-gate debacle.


Not sure that golfing with lindsey is a good look during a pandemic? But maybe they can come up with something else in the way of a cover-up, distraction or deflection?



Its Putin again,yeh can't make this up


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30 minutes ago, simple1 said:

Right of centre propaganda. 'White Power' usually symbolises racism, whereas the 'black power' salute is usually accepted as symbolising the rejection of racism / oppression of coloured people.

Ok, now it’s crystal clear.


White views only matter if they’re black views. 🥱

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4 hours ago, Mama Noodle said:
4 hours ago, tribalfusion001 said:

The UK and the USA are quite similar at present, the pot is close to boiling over.


From what I see its only one side of the political spectrum thats doing the 'boiling' 

I guess you're viewpoint is from inside the pot.



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