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Another 6 groups of foreigners to enter Thailand in July

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1 hour ago, richard_smith237 said:

Can you? where?  With the Certificate?


There are different types of Covid-19 tests in the UK


1) NHS Covid-19 test (hospital or Drive through)

2) Covid-19 Abbott IgG laboratory antibody test (quick results - within the hour)

3) Covid-19 IgG/IgM Rapid antibody test (results with 24 hrs)

4) Covid-19 PCR Test (results within 48-72 hrs) This test is required for Travel.


Item 1 is a test carried out if you are admitted to hospital or at a 'Drive through' Covid-19 testing facility. Tests are taken and processed, you will only be notified if your test is positive. The assumption is, if no one contacts you, your result was negative. 

Items 2 and 3 are not tests for Covid-19 they are tests to check if someone has had covid. 

Item 4 is a Covid-19 Test need for travel and is either taken with a home test kit and sent off to a lab. Or taken at a Private Clinic.


If taking A PCR test at home, a Test can be ordered through a Clinic and mailed to your house. You take the swab as instructed, then mail the test to the Lab. The Lab contacts the Clinic with the Results. A Doctor at the Clinic e-mails you a Covid-19 Negative Certificate: This is very dependant of the efficiency of the post. 


If taking a PCR test at a clinic, the process is the same, but you miss out the uncertainty of timing with the post. 


With some clinics it is also possible to take the PCR test with a Courier. The Courier brings the test to your house. You take the test, the courier returns the test to the Clinic who process the test and return the results to you. 





Yes you can / clinics / with certificate


You're wrong about drive throughs, they will send you a text to confirm negative also.


Item 4 is the one you'd need, clinics do it, £300 for 24 hour results.

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19 hours ago, Chelseafan said:


If you believe that! 🤨


All lies. A case study revealed 3 million infected lol. Cage that country off. They now have a swine flu pandemic 

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