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Tap water purifier

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Good evening,


I am looking to filter/purify tap water.

Any recommendations?



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I own the 3M Counter Top water purifier

this one:




and it works pretty well but it's slow for me because I have very low water pressure. the filter included is good for 3000 liters (or roughly one year)

I only use mine for drinking, cooking and water for my dogs and it's pretty good but I haven't had the water tested.. I just know it was bad before.


when I was looking into water purification my first choice was one of those below sink ones with 3+ filters but I had always seen the systems and not the replacement filters and this made me not buy them (not saying they don't exist)


3M has a similar setup with under sink i believe and they had a little secondary faucet you could magnet or glue near the first one.. probably a cleaner install

I was tempted to get both the 3 filter things from another company and the 3M one above but so far for my usage it's enough..


I couldn't tell you if the flow is good or not with main floor or proper water pressure cause i never tried it other places than my weak pressure 4th story place

but it should be okay.

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If you can calculate how much drinking/cooking water you have and you find it falls under 8 liters then you'd probably want something like the one i linked before

I bought 2 extra filters so technically I am good for 3 years, at the time it cost me 8100 baht total I believe


I am pretty sure the 3 (or more) undersink filters ones do a better job but replacing the filters was my main concern.

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