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Trump posts video of couple brandishing guns towards protesters

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Just now, EVENKEEL said:

Homeowners protect their lives and property against invading protestors.


Thats racist dont ya know... BLM is allowed to do anything they want and laws dont apply to them because racism. 

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1 minute ago, tribalfusion001 said:

I think one of your police force started it by kneeling on a guys neck until he was dead.


Yet the issue you have is with lawful Americans who had nothing to do with that defending their home against a horde of trespassers.


7 minutes ago, tribalfusion001 said:

We don't need police with guns walking around on our streets and we do have rapid reponse armed units for terrorist incidents which doesn't include protests.


Yeah you probably do need police with guns from what I see happening in your streets. 

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