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Speaking “Taxi Thai” vs. Actually Speaking Thai

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  Speaking “Taxi Thai” vs. Actually Speaking Thai


When I first came to Thailand back in 2004, I began learning Thai on the plane with a book I later threw away because it was so bad. By the time I landed, I could count to 10 and order a couple of dishes (or so I thought). My motivation to learn the language drifted away as I found that I could get by with my English, and there was so much more to do and see in the Land of Smiles.






I became just like the rest of the herd, only being able to speak “Nidnoi Thai” after more than a year of living in Thailand. That’s a big mistake that many of us make, yet we all know that the benefits of learning Thai are huge. Luckily in 2020 we have the Internet.


Zoe Thai has made it easy to learn Thai online. The curriculum was made by a group of expats and Thais, and it includes animated videos for every class to help with the tones. The best part about it is that you can go into the teacher menu and choose your own teacher for one-on-one online classes. You check out teacher profiles, watch their quick YouTube introductions and then book a time that works for you.




Your Memory Sucks


Yes, we understand that. That’s why we record every class for you so that you can go back and review at any time. We also have a library of short, animated videos that you can watch while on the BTS or while relaxing after dinner. To check how much information you have retained take a Zoe Thai online quiz after each class.


Zoe Thai Animated Videos.png


We start you off with what you need to get by, which includes taxi Thai, restaurant Thai, self introductions, etc. But there is a whole lot more if you wish to dive deeper into the Thai language.


Your Thai Tones Need Help


Unless you have an amazing ear for languages, this is something you need to come to grips with. The tones are incredibly important. The word for “near” is the same as the word for “far” depending on what tone you use, so we really stress the importance of pronouncing the Thai tones correctly. Even though you may think you are tone deaf, you’re not. Most languages have tones. Most languages have tones? Most languages have tones! You just read the same sentence in three different English tones that are similar to three of the Thai tones. See? All hope is not lost.



Get on Zoe Thai. Your first class is free to try it out. Packages start at 7,000 Baht which includes access to the animated video library, 10 one-on-one classes with any teacher or teachers that you choose, recordings of those classes and a Zoe Thai quiz after every class. What are you waiting for? It’s time to Get Started!



LINE: @zoethai
Phone: 02-011-1447

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