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Insurance Cover for USD100,000 Stipulated for all Returning Foreigners

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If you are over 75, can't even get it. 133,000 baht in the 71 - 75 age group, they are dreaming. Nobody is coming to Thailand with these hurdles. Guess the ladies of Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok w

A good idea from the insutance lobby. This system can not generate visitors to Thailand. Same like the idea for a mandatorily quarantine of 14 days in a 5 star hotel.   Better demolish all h

No problem when nobody comes here or stays  here as the numbers dwindle to zero over  time.

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21 hours ago, anchadian said:



Citizens from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China and Hong Kong will not be required to enter state quarantine if their stay in Thailand is brief, but they must be tested for COVID-19 in their home countries and, again, upon arrival in Thailand.  During their stay in Thailand, they are also required to use the Thai Chana tracing app, so that their movements can be monitored.  Group arrivals are set at 10 per group at most.

Where did Singapore come from, i had not seen it earlier?

They must be mad, its the one place in southeast asia that has very large infection rates.


I was thinking this was the tourist plan . Just tried to recheck and i see now that its just the business category. 

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29 minutes ago, Sheryl said:

And, they are eligible for cover under the 30 haht scheme.


That's part of the issue. At the minute the Social Fund will not issue any kind of document that states covid or anything else is covered by Social Fund contributions.


Embassies will not issue a certificate of entry without an insurance document.


Maybe this will change at a later date.

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It is not SS, it is 30 baht scheme. A special arrangement only for migrant workers from neighboring countries.


I think migrant worker entry will be dealt with altogether separately. The question is -- when?

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