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Pensioner Spends Eight Years and $50,000 Trying to Evict Daughter From His Apartment

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she has an enormous capability to come up with things we never hear of,” Peter Grundy said.


Well, maybe that's because you're an Australian farmer and not a lawyer?  Just a guess 😁

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Posted (edited)
On 7/1/2020 at 2:05 AM, Bruce Aussie Chiang Mai said:

Bet she also fat and <deleted>##ing ugly.

That's why us sensible ones her in Thailand not Australia or shopping in Walmart. 


I watched the video. She is skinny, has short cropped white hair and looks like the feminist-nazi bitch that she is. Poor old guy does not deserve this from his children. Even her brother says she is a horrible woman. Hopefully the cops will be there in the near future and toss her out on the street where she belongs. The only mistake he made was letting her live in his investment property in the first place.

I know the Carlisle Street property where she is squatting. It is only a few hundred metres down the road from my doctor's office. Probably worth around $500,000 Aussie dollars.

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