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PM Prayut encourages farmers, SMEs to get through crisis

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PM encourages farmers, SMEs to get through crisis




BANGKOK(NNT) - The Prime Minister has promoted several activities to help farmers and individual businesses, expressing his regard for all groups of people.


Prior to the Cabinet’s meeting today, Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, viewed an exhibition on prolonging the shelf life of local OTOP delicacies, presented by the Minister of the Interior and ministerial executives.


He then observed a promotional exhibition of a campaign by a retail company Siam Piwat, offering free retail spaces to persons affected by the COVID-19 economic fallout, including farmers and small businesses, to enable them to sell their items at special events at Siam Paragon and Iconsiam shopping malls.


The Prime Minister also helped promote a similar retail event held by Central Group, and thanked the private sector for lending a hand in helping to take care of the general public.


He said the government is concerned with COVID-19’s impact on lower-income earners, and hopes to see collective assistance given to the farming sector from manufacturing to processing, as well as the promotion of New Normal tourism that can help local communities generate income.


Source: http://thainews.prd.go.th/en/news/detail/TCATG200630155635464


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Catch phrases. Slogans and hollow words from the voteless PM will do zero to help the majority of Thailand’s citizens

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2 hours ago, Justgrazing said:

They need a face covering coordinator as they are a total shambles on the mask front apart from Mr Prayuth with the natty colour coding to tunic and the half hearted attempt by woman 2nd right .. and the dude on the full right looks like he's sporting a bikini cup .. but it's the Roswell alien grip of the box along with the manic leer that is troubling ..

That bikini cup is three sizes too small, you can see it's flattened his nose into his face. It must be size Roswell 51A, preventing any alien seepage.

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42 minutes ago, colinneil said:

Well mate just think if i did his job for a week, my bank accounts would be severely swollen, not like now, very few 00 in at the moment, after a week doing his job 000000000000.😜😜😜

well said, and he can always resign and retire! will he do that....?

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1 hour ago, mr mr said:

i'd like to see any of you moaners do his job for a week. or look as sharp as this color coordinated mastermind does. 

Well you got me there, I would never have come up with the mask, shirt fashion statement.

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