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Electric Lawnmowers

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1 hour ago, Trillian said:

We have three B&D strimmers that are free to a good home but they all suffer from the same problem. B&D is excellent at built in obsolescence which in the case of the strimmer is the hole the plastic cord comes out of, the one that has a lightweight brass bushing on it. After only a short time the bushing falls out which leaves the wire to cut into the plastic of the body. Eventually the device becomes unusable because the plastic has been gouged away by the action of the rotating cord.

Never had that problem, anyway you can buy replacement packs which include a new cap.




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Posted (edited)

I also have a Black and Decker electric hedge trimmer. I am not a B&D agent, honest :w00t:


Anyway, used to use the lawn strimmer to trim a couple of bougainvillea bushes at the front of our plot, but as the bougainvillea grew that got a bit much for the nylon strings of the strimmer so decided to get a proper trimmer with metal cutting teeth.


Been using the B&D trimmer about twice a month on the ever growing bougainvillea for the last 5 or 6 years and never had a problem. Bougainvillea cutting is a lot tougher than your usual hedge, especially as the plant grows and the branches get thicker and tougher to cut.


After every use I spray the moving blades with WD 40 before putting the trimmer in the shed ready for the next time. Last week I did have to sharpen the blades but that was the only "maintenance" I've ever needed to do. 




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This Saturday morning I took a couple of photos in the garage of my home in Buriram province. The Makita DUR366L dual 18 volt grass trimmer is very easy for my wife or her sister to use in our yards. The dual 18 volt Makita DUH651 650mm long Hedge trimmer takes some strength. The Makita DUR187 is a lighter 18 volt grass trimmer. I'd put any current model Makita side to side with any Greenworks garden tool actually sold in Thailand. Milwaukee Tools is finally starting to import 18 volt garden tools into Thailand. 

Buriram Thailand Makita 18 volt garden tools.jpg

Buriram Makita 18 volt 36 volt string trimmer hedge.jpg

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