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Fauci warns spread of COVID-19 'could get very bad', says no guarantee of vaccine

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Where did all the BLM protests take place, & has there been an increase in cases?


And as Richard just said:


Wear a mask.


I am so fed up with the finger pointing by US/UK gubmints; it's not about the opposition helping  to find the best solution, but attempting to get in to power.


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Posted (edited)

Israeli scientists are on the brink of introducing the vaccine of SAR and Covid-19...there are several articles to attest that Israeli scientists have the vaccine at hand but it's being tested on animals at the moment...


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Just now, tribalfusion001 said:

In low infection areas, I don't see any problem with gatherings and wearing a mask.


So it was all BS then. Unnecessary to lockdown states and keep them locked down, unnecessary to shame people for going to the beach or walking in the park etc as long as a mask is worn. 

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