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Fauci warns spread of COVID-19 'could get very bad', says no guarantee of vaccine

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5 minutes ago, mtls2005 said:

Arizona, California and Florida getting hammered (new cases).


Florida set a new record with ~ 15,300 new cases.


On May 20, 2020 Florida Governor was quite pleased with himself:




He'd get robbed in Bklyn.


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Hey! It is July 12th, and I have finally seen Trump with an actual mask on his ugly mug.  Wow, I wonder if his wife finally had enough and said, " hey stupid, wear a mask all ready".


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16 hours ago, GroveHillWanderer said:

If you just increase the testing and the virus is not more widespread, you will see an increase in both positive and negative results in equal measure. However that's not what is happening. An increasing percentage of those being tested are showing up positive. Hospitalizations are also increasing. Both those measures show that the virus is actually on the increase.

Just to follow up on this, Arizona's latest figures show an increase of 380% in hospitalizations since they started lifting lockdown measures. Currently, 88% of all hospital beds and 90% of the ICU beds in the entire state are full. That can't be explained away merely by an increase in testing.


Arizona sets hospitalization records

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