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Stool sample for OGUK

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i just contacted an OGUK provider in Khon Kaen,


I was asked to prepare a small stool sample, i have never had to do this before for OGUK. IS this Normal?





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No it's not


No two medical centers are the same though here and all come up with their own variations on an already set medical format, you just have to go with the flow........

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Stool sample is not required.

Just look at the OGUK website for the requirements (Urine test, Hearing Test, Eye test. Blood pressure check and physical check by the doctor) for a standard offshore medical.

I had similar experience when i did my first offshore medical at Bungrunrad and they backed down after showing them the requirements.

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The accredited hospital on Khon Kaen is trying to pad their bill with unnecessary tests. Years ago I was quoted 12,000 baht for an OGUK medical by the Sri Racha hospital that is accredited by OGUK. I've had mine done at Bamrungrad for the past 6 years so they already know what I won't accept. Tests as below and I'm done in a few hours.




Paragraph 3.2 of section 1 of the guidelines sets out the minimum requirements of the OGUK medical as:


  • photographic identification from the examinee
  • comprehensive medical social and occupational history
  • audiometry
  • urinalysis
  • visual acuity
  • body mass index (BMI)
  • appropriate clinical examination


This is in addition to standard vital signs tests of temperature and blood pressure. That 'appropriate clinical examination' allows independent assessors to try add on what they see fit and try and charge for it.


Please note that some UK medical agencies have been adding a "Fit to test" examination which is measurement of lung functionality to determine if the worker can safely use the Compressed air emergency breathing system or CA-EBS. This is fast becoming the industry standard for helicopter emergency escape procedures and that separate industry certification (OPITO).


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