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27" 1440p monitors

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Seems like a rare size and resolution to find in Thailand. 1080p more common even at this display size, on Lazada.


Ubuy has this for about 9,000 thb: https://www.ubuy.co.th/en/search/index/view/product/B07M9V8XNQ/s/acer-v277u-27-wqhd-2560-x-1440-ips-freesync-monitor-with-speakers/store/store


Amazon has this size/res for about $225 as a benchmark.


Anyone know a store that carries them locally? I'm in Pattaya.

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9 hours ago, Hal65 said:

1080p more common even at this display size, on Lazada.

Rare? Really?

A whole bunch of 27"/2k (2560 x 1440 Aspect Ratio 16 : 9) monitors at Lazada.

https://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?spm=a2o4m.pdp.search.2.382033e7Vko88M&q=monitor 27” 2k&_keyori=ss&clickTrackInfo=textId--3822294875407654219__abId--154857__pvid--e644745e-ece7-4ee5-aabd-cf9776fa0b00&from=suggest_normal&sugg=monitor 27” 2k_1_1


Can't give specific answer for Pattaya except trying at the usual suspects (PowerBuy, Banana etc.).

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Posted (edited)

(Made an account just to weigh in as I've recently bought a whole bunch of gear!)

Depends what you need it for.

I picked up an LG 27G850-B for a mix of photo/video editing and gaming. It works a great treat; fantastic colours and you can switch between gaming and color accurate mode in a couple of button presses. 2k resolution 144hz. 

Price hasn't changed at all in the year since I picked it up - they're pretty much smack bang 12990 THB across every channel I've found. 

Benefits for me are that it's an IPS panel instead of VA. It has the LG nanocell tech for better colours and it's a great compromise on size and performance - being able to switch between work and gaming/movies is fantastic.

The only downside I have is that the stand is a bit bulky if you have a small desk. I've recently built a custom one for the office so that's a moot point now - but I've got 220cm x 100cm to work with now. Definitely in a smaller space (eg: typical 50-60cm dwarfstation you find at Index/Homepro/Ikea) you might find your keyboard butting up against the legs.

There are a few other models out there, including some that are cheaper, but whether or not they are suitable would depend on exactly how picky you are about your gear, how long you expect it to last, whether you care more about price over quality etc.

I just bought a 2nd one of these last week and would be more than happy to add another 2 to the office when the time is right, so that's close to 60k sunk as a vote of confidence.

Edit: oh, and it has G-SYNC if you're on NVIDIA cards. Not sure if it's free-sync compatible but as far as I know, updates from earlier in the year essentially made most G-SYNC models compatible with free-sync cards.

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Spec addition

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