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PM Prayut urges strict international traveler screening

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PM urges strict international traveler screening




BANGKOK(NNT)-The Prime Minister has expressed his concerns about the future resumption of international travel under the Travel Bubble scheme, stressing Thailand must implement a vigorous arrivals screening.


Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, discussed the proposed Travel Bubble scheme, saying that Thailand must be prepared to allow the resumption of international travel, with the other countries involved carefully considered, and adding that a mutual agreement must be reached, to ensure compliance with public health measures.


The Travel Bubble is a proposed limited resumption of international travel to and from countries where a bilateral agreement is made.


The Prime Minister said the government is concerned about the prospects of international aviation and the country’s external revenue.


During this 4-day weekend, the Ministry of Finance is expecting up to 10 billion baht in cashflow from domestic economic activities. The Prime Minister said Thai people are now making more domestic trips, with many hotels now sold out, thanks to further easing of COVID-19 restrictions.


He said however that all businesses must remain strict with their precautionary measures in order to minimize the persistent risk of a new viral outbreak.


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Plans are afoot for an airport screening of all arrivals for a check up that will take 1 and a half hours to get the results and will cost 3000 baht, other than that, can they really trust that some incommers will be virus free and ruin Thailand record of keeping the virus in check so far?...

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Some troll posts have been removed. 

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