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Visiting team led by US Army chief not to be quarantined

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In future, Deputy Prime Minister Anutin will be blaming any future outbreaks on the US Army. 😅

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17 hours ago, joecoolfrog said:

Yes certainly increased testing will show more positive cases but doesn't entirely explain the large number of deaths.

I dont think too many people will be convinced that the US administration has done a great job , playing politics during a pandemic is hardly a good idea.

To be fair the UK has also suffered badly and in retrospect made some poor decisions, easy to criticise after the event though.

At least we can be relatively certain that UK / USA data is transparent and accurate , I certainly dont think Chinese figures have been.

While US cases are far above Europe’s, US fatalities are well below, supporting the idea that more tests reveal more cases and confirming Thailand's don't test don't know approach.

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