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Not allowed in with out special permission from the government and then 14 days lock down, Unless you have some skills need by the government will likely not be given permission!

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5 hours ago, thecyclist said:

It does not matter where you are from, unless you are a Vietnamese citizen, a diplomat or a highly skilled worker deemed essential by the Vietnamese government, you will not get in, borders are still closed. I am in Vietnam right now, and follow the press releases here, and it does not look like the Vietnamese government has any intention of opening the country any time soon. Except for cases in quarantine, Vietnam has been Corona free for a month or two. Opening up would certainly bring a second wave, virtually no herd immunity in Vietnam. 

I hope Thailand is as Smart as Vietnam 

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Well, NVA sure, in the local bar if you can cal it that drinking whatever, but still would be careful walking around on the trails inn the mountains.


Yes, Thai Visa comes through, or the local online community which knows about all there is about SE Asia.

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