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"I thought they were strays": Lamphun woman goes to the cops after French Bulldogs go missing

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On 7/8/2020 at 3:55 PM, johng said:

In another report   its said the 2 dogs where worth 30,000 baht each,

I have a female Frenchie Bulldog. Maybe 20k most coming from BKK. They are fun unique dogs.

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Why was she subjected to all that hate?

Nobody asked for the opinion of sheep. 

The woman, the cops, and the dog owners will solve the issue. 

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You dump two dogs at the temple and some one takes them over, you have little ground for complaint. The bigger question is why would anyone dump two French Bulldogs, these are valuable commodities, right?

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4 hours ago, Genmai said:


Don’t worry, those kinds of temple donations never leave the monks’ sights 🤑


This topic got me thinking - maybe I can “donate” my MIL?

I tried that, they sent her home with a warning letter 😱

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