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Vehicles frequently overturning on new stretch of Thai road

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Obviously a ritual needs to be performed to bless the road and satisfy the spirits.


Or stop driving over that curb in the middle and then sharply swerving back over it again to get back on the road........

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Shurely shome mishtake?

Apparently, even the soi dogs cannot get a firm footing on this road either.

Nobody has made an amulet for that stretch of road yet.

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19 hours ago, webfact said:

Especially in rainy conditions, said the residents.

Maybe they should ask for all the vehicles sold in Thailand to be manufactured with an extra set of wheels on the roof?

Pee baby.jpeg

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18 hours ago, Susco said:

The pictures in the OP show concrete road.


If I understand the meaning of ruts correctly, they are only in asphalt roads.


Near where I live they have widened road #36 and made it all concrete, so no ruds, but now they have big signs every 1 km or so on the straight patches " slippery when wet "  :cheesy::cheesy:

It might depend on the concrete mix. 

Fine cracking on the suface if it dries too quickly in the sun leaves the surface liable to quick wear.

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