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How many go-go-bars will survive the next months?

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42 minutes ago, sezze said:

All is temporary . For now , you are right . As soon as foreign tourists come in , and they are willing to spend some money in bars and on girls , then the girls will rush back . It's easy money , which they cannot make otherwise . All it takes are tourists , no tourists , bar scene is dead ... since they cater for tourists and not for Thais .

One thing people have to understand?


Covid 19 has affected people's finances all over the world!


People that use to travel and takes trips, do to layoffs, salary cuts, etc. just won't be traveling as much or at all.


That is even with all the airlines open and countries accepting tourists. Flights seem to be more expensive as well.


I don't know one person at all that is even talking about traveling anywhere international this year. 


Us included.


Tourists need money to travel and I think Thailand is under-estimating how much of a financial impact Covid 19 has had on many that traveled previously and won't have the money to travel till next year or beyond.

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I guess there is a reason you call yourself "Oldie"...   I care because when things are good I like the atmosphere. Why should I order something online when I see online old photoshopped pro

This goes way beyond GO GO bars.  Everyday more and more regulations.  There are people, whom I can't name, that only care about power.  This isn't about safety, it's about tyranny at its heart.   W

You forgot the music and the girls!   I think you should try another section of TVF. Maybe rice farming or something like that. https://forum.thaivisa.com/forum/32-isaan-forum/  

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3 hours ago, bitterbatter said:

Do you really think that destroying thousands of businesses, and millions of incomes, is worth saving a few hundred lives?  I don't see it.  
You think that this will end soon and things will return to normal.  I don't see it.  I would love for you to be right.  But this is not about the virus, this is a global attack on human freedoms.  If I am right, the shutdowns will continue into next year.  
As for the US, again lots of distortion there. Doctors are saying that every test they have been taking in the last two weeks is coming back positive. Social distancing, and stupid masks are supposed to slow down infection spreading.  Mainstream media is only talking about number of infections, but now completely ignore the fatalities which are dropping quickly and at the lowest levels since this early outbreak. Here is a stat showing just how poorly the US is doing, compared to other countries. You won't see this in the news.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 2.44.07 AM.png

I think I seen this on Tuckers program. It sure does make one wonder who's spin is more accurate. I agree with you waiting for the cure is devastating countries economies,civil liberties and one's ability to work!

Getting back to Go GO , I miss it very much

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17 hours ago, tribalfusion001 said:

Most of the expats only go to go go bars occasionally, then it's mainly to drink and look at the girls rather than bar fine. The go go bars in Cowboy are too expensive for drinks, Baccara is 190 baht for a 330ml bottle, the best value is Dollhouse happy hour at 90 baht. Some good go go bars in Nana plaza, Butterfly, Billboard and Rainbow 4, 140 baht 330ml bottle. These places were busy before the close down, but without a regular flow of tourists will struggle too.  I usually stay in BKK for 2 or 3 months per trip and 2 or 3 trips per year, not now 555. I only went to a go go bar with friends occasionally and the guys left in BKK I know never go to them.


If you want a girl in BKK then it's online or maybe some street meat if desperate 555. 1000 baht bar fines and lady drinks is too much unless on a short holiday.

Drinks are too expensive in soi cowboy.

At Nana and cowboy,the attitude of service staff and mamasang,is very very bad.  Most of the dancing girls are ok,but they are pressured too much by mamaasang,get barfine,get barfine,get barfine.

If they dont have many customers now,theyve got what thry desetve.

In pattaya,drinks are cheaper and there is not huge pressure to barfine.

With a few less bars in pattaya,im sure that they will survive.

Im going to walking st.tonight,to see what bars have re opened.

I know more are opening on 10th.

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16 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Personally I think the Thai government made the right decision when they closed the country. And I hope they will make sure no Covid infected people will come into Thailand for the foreseeable future.

You really believe that? You really believe the whole 40+ days no cases story eh?


Country next door to China...70 million people no new covid cases 40+ days?

You buy that eh?


Santa too? Easter Bunnies??


Pretty silly...Truth is Covid was in Thailand from late last year


Also folks believe it or not are dying in Thailand but they don't call it covid

They call it viral pneumonia so they dont need to tally it as C19

Folks in Thailand have Covid & get over it too same as 99%  all over the world


But that aside anyone who believes in todays world that Thailand is covid free 40++ days

because what?? They closed?? Man wanna buy some clouds with that?


Here is a good read for you although anyone with common sense need nothing more than to look at the

world then remember how many Chinese visit Thailand before you swallow the blue "we have no covid 40+  days" pill


Man you been in Thailand too long....You have lost all reasoning & now have been assimilated to think like a Thai (no tink too mutt)




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19 hours ago, Boomer6969 said:

In Bangkok we might see bars opening only Friday and Saturday, there are simply not enough customers to operate on week days.

I can only admire Thai people for their optimism, as there is a great deal of renovation work going on. Guess that some people sit on a pile of cash and can plan for when a vaccine to come up. But they might have some staff problems then.

I thought the Bangkokians would go to Pattaya on weekends, and I guess the remaining expats from Bangkok will come here, too. And soon there will be tourists from overseas again. In the meantime there's a lot of building construction going on in Pattaya. And, yes, many go-go bars will open again (maybe with different business concepts) 

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19 hours ago, from the home of CC said:

Thais became addicted to this easy cash from stupid foreigners. I hope this health crisis weans them off this bs. I'm sure the strip clubs in Miami are doing well lol.. 

Sorry to disappoint.. but strip clubs in Miami were ordered closed after the mayor realized that it is not possible to properly distance during a lap dance. 

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19 hours ago, from the home of CC said:

Thais became addicted to this easy cash from stupid foreigners. I hope this health crisis weans them off this bs. I'm sure the strip clubs in Miami are doing well lol.. 

I think your forgetting how hard many of them are working in the scaffling heat to serve you (the stupid farang) your drink or coconut or whatever for 300 baht a day . You have a very narrow mind and i think the stupid farang part only counts for yourself .

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16 hours ago, tribalfusion001 said:
16 hours ago, Trujillo said:

So what is the, "If you don't get enough lady drinks, we will deduct from your monthly salary" thing? 


I'm embarrassed that I don't know about this. Perhaps it never came up (so to speak) since this was never an issue in the past. What are the mechanics of this? 

You have a quota per month, if the girl fails to get her quota her salary is cut, same for not fulfilling the bar fine quota, same for turning up late or not turning up at all. It is to encourage the girls to get the guys to spend more money, same as 3 girls hanging around one guy, more drinks, more money for the bar.

This 'Ahhh...grasshopper...' moment brought to you by...

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Forget Gogo bars, soapy massage and thaifriendly or thaicupid nonsense.  Why do all you old timer farangs who still like pay4play not go with sidelines girls?  Cheaper, way hotter and more readily available than alternatives.  I just don’t get it.

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20 hours ago, Orton Rd said:

Yes for farang sex tourists, adulters and losers who never seem to catch on that most of the girls actualy despise them.

Yes, they will despise certain types, the fat bellied ugly ones. But I don't think you could say that about the slim handsome type, but there are not so many of these left now, and again, they will get their leg over without going to the bars or taking a walk along Beach Road in Pattaya, or the odd no Soi part of Lower Sukhumvit Road.

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In my view, things are looking bleak for the Thai nightlife industry, with very few customers in sight for what could be months to come. Even when tourists are able to return, will they have the money and will to do so? The industry has struggled for some years due to much higher and often unrealistic prices and a general turndown in attitude by bar staff of all kinds. Stickman has reported that at least one bar in Cowboy, in typical Thai-style, has actually raised prices upon re-opening. Unbelievable.


Now, this long closure could well be the final nail in its coffin. In recent times the girls have increasingly been turning to social media to meet ‘friends’, rather than spend many mind-numbing hours dancing in the bars hoping to catch someone’s eye. With bars closed, they have been forced to turn exclusively to their phones to find company, and one wonders how many will now return to the bars even when they are allowed to. Especially, as the OP says, the number of lady drinks they will receive will be way down with the resulting loss of wages.

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