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Truevision Satellite vs Cable

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When I first subscribed to Truevision there were more HD channels on cable, so that's what I chose.

A few years later, after various cable breaks and engineer visits, I was encouraged by True to change to Satellite.

I think it may even have been free to change. But I didn't.


Does anyone know if this is still the case? (Just had another cable break in Phuket).


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TrueVisions Package List, Channel Lineup


Channels are available according to the package subscribed.

[The following denotes channel availability per delivery platform]

Channels which are available in the cable system only.
** Standard definition channel.
*** CATV subscribers can view High Definition signal and DSTV subscribers can view Standard Definition signal.

****A La Carte

...also, besides CATV (cable) and DSTV (Digital Satellite), Truevisions content is available via IPTV (over Internet) via SmartDevice App or using their Inno Hybrid Google enabled Set Top Box.



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