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Thai immigration launches newly updated website

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Thai immigration launches newly updated website





Thailand’s Immigration Bureau has updated its website with a new design making it easier to use and find out information.


The new website, which is available in English and Thai, gives more emphasis to the increasing number of services which are available online, including TM47 and TM30 reporting. 


It also has a dedicated section of highlighted announcements such as the new QR code queuing system, which is available at immigration division 1.


There is also a section for the latest news and services provided by immigration, including what is required for visa extensions and 90 day reporting. 


The site now also has a handy map feature that enables users to easily locate their nearest immigration office.


The updated immigration website can be found at: https://www.immigration.go.th/en/




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-07-09
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Having a full-screen live video on the launch page seems very user-unfriendly.



This page can't load Google Maps correctly.


The mobile apps have been down for quite a while.


On the plus side: links to TM47 and TM30 webpages work, so there's that.





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29 minutes ago, khastan said:

Friend of mine went to do his normal 90 day at Nong Khai yesterday and they demanded to see his bank book had 800000 baht in it, not just one person but two. So yes they can ask for whatever the hell they want.

Mail it, next time.  But if made to sign that "must show money after 90-days" letter when getting their extension, they are required to go to the office just for that, regardless of the unrelated 90-day report.

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