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Channel 7 report: No tourists and desperate times for vendors/ hotels in Pattaya

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Channel 7 report: No tourists and desperate times for vendors/ hotels in Pattaya




Channel 7 went to Pattaya to interview local traders and a tourism business representative for a special report. 


It was grim news. The traders had no money. There were no tourists. 


Thais were not spending money. Evcen a 10 baht bag of soy milk was too much.


Most hotels were not bothering to open before October as it was just not worth it.


Deckchair operators reported that despite lockdown easing and government stimulus measures after the initial throes of the coronavirus pandemic things were terrible. 


Foreign tourists that represented the backbone of the business were just not coming.


People who did open in the hope of making a living were not getting their investments back on items like food. 


Jet skis and boats were just sitting idle in the bay at Pattaya Beach.


A soy milk trader was selling 50% less than normal. 


A local tourism business rep said that after government lockdown easing moves in July only 30 of their member hotels had bothered to open. 


It was just not worth it at the moment. 


They were waiting for October and high season before giving it a go. 


The government were urged to give more help in stimulating Thai domestic tourism.


Source: Channel 7



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