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Channel 7 report: No tourists and desperate times for vendors/ hotels in Pattaya

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2 hours ago, freesudani said:

They seriously think that tourists will be flocking to Thailand in October?


October 2022.

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and why should they with the way they have been treated over the last 30 years? They have been scammed one too many times and are booking their 40 quid flights to Spain instead.   I can

The people on the 5k a month handout are not the ones taking holidays and filling the 3-5 star hotels, it's the other segment of Thai society, the middle classes who would normally have gone overseas,

Was speaking to a Thai friend of mine recently and she said "the economy will recover soon because everyone wants to visit Thailand". Had a bit of a laugh at that and chatted about how expensive Thail

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3 hours ago, johng said:

Yes just the other day  it was said that Thai tourist had  booked 80-100 % of 3-5 star hotels in Hua Hin

@ prices 3,000 baht up per night....but that the guest houses and budget hotels where almost empty ?

doesn't make sense to me  surely people with no income for months on end..or a measly handout of 5,000 baht per month would be staying at the cheaper accommodation.

Saying that there where a hell of a lot of Bangkok plated vehicles along Jomtien beach road and clogging everywhere else up during those 4 days "holiday" 

( on top of the months of shutdown where do they get the money from ?)

They are all living on borrowed time and money! 

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1 hour ago, holy cow cm said:

If my US buddy was allowed back in i would love to go spend some money in Pattaya for a few days of water fun and sun. 

Not very likely given their track record.

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Why is this so difficult to understand? Foreign TOURIST will not come before there are NO restriction on arrival, such as Test, Quarantine, extra health insurance other than Travel insurance, and deposit money into a local bank. TOURIST are coming for holiday and looking for good times...

Flight restriction and uncertainty of delayed and canceled flights will add to reduce the number of oversea tourism. PERIOD.

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35 minutes ago, baansgr said:

I remember wanting to visit an old girlfriend from Almeria, flights from London were £18...the return flight was over £250...always a catch somewhere.

Last time i went to spain from the UK (2013) outbound flights from Liverpool John lennon were 48 quid and coming back was 75..


not bad i say.

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12 minutes ago, Cake Monster said:

And its the Thai ~ Middle Classes ~ that are carrying most of the Household Debt

3/5 Star Hotels, New Car, new I Phone Etc Etc ETc , and most of it on Credit Cards or Credit Borrowing from the likes of AEON that are predicting a huge surge in NPL


Yep, they certainly are the ones who are carrying a large chunk of that debt. But what if, just what if....they can actually afford to service that debt.


So AEON is expecting a surge in borrowing, tell me, if you were a lender in these uncertain times would you allow your lending to surge on unsecured loans? No I didn't think so, which is why AEON won't either.

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I am perfectly o.k. with this

"Jet skis and boats were just sitting idle in the bay at Pattaya Beach"

and - once the tourists start flocking in again - they should bloody not flock to the jet skis and boats, let the operators starve and their wild machines rot away!

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17 minutes ago, pmk1000 said:

You couldn't be more wrong with regards to tourism, the Chinese, Indians Japanese and koreans are coming, and they will be coming in the 10s of millions and that's what this government want. They couldn't give a rats ass for the 5million total from the European union 6 if you count the USA in 2019. I know the Chinese are not going to feed the transient bottom feeders and beer bars of pattaya, but once again the government couldn't give a rats ass about that element and beer bar businesses, they have made that quite clear! 


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