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Sharp jump in Covid-19 cases in state quarantine

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Sharp jump in Covid-19 cases in state quarantine





There were 14 cases of Covid-19, the biggest increase over a 24-hour period in weeks, the government’s Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) reported on Saturday (July 11).



But Thailand has gone 47 days without a domestic case.


The new patients were returnees in state quarantine, the CCSA said. One patient had returned from Bahrain, one from the US, and 12 from Sudan.


In Thailand, the total number of cases since the outbreak, as of Saturday, was 3,216, with 58 deaths, 3,088 recoveries, and 70 undergoing treatment in hospitals.


Patients in Bangkok and Nonthaburi accounted for 1,782 of the total cases nationwide.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30391134



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Those are thai people who lived or worked from another countries.  To come back to Thailand they need to get approve from Thai consulate to get charter flights.  So Thai consulate will ask for Covid test to be negative 72 hours and fit to fly document before allow them to catch the flight.  If there were negative before flight then they are possibly negative.  Asymptomatic carrier should be test as positive but does not show symptom.  So there should not be any asymptomatic carrier on the flight.  So the infected person had covid but did not show in blood test.  When they arrived in Thailand and quarantine, the covid showed up after couple day.  Now the passengers who flown with the person will catch it too?  

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