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I am looking to buy a long run XLR analogue interconnect cable.  I will need 5 meters so it will be a custom job. Longest run I have found in Thailand is 3 meters. Has anyone run across a retailer in Thailand that does custom cable lengths using decent quality brands ... Purist, Audiquest, Cardas, Wireworld etc?

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Not sure if these guys can do it but I was looking for some DHLabs cables for my system and came across their website.  Might as well give them a call and ask.




also...there are tons of high end boutique stores around in BKK that might be able to help.  The Nine Center mall has a high end store, CDC (crystal design center has one, HiFi99 in fashion plaza  also and there are about a half dozen or so in Fortune Town.

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You can get the cables custom made here:


including the good plugs:





This is a huge electronic shop with a huge professional cable selection. They solder the cables and plugs for you right there according to your needs - done by a professional.

I bought there many cables and other parts and I was always satisfied.


There are also many other electronic shops in that area. Parking for motorcycles is ok but parking a car is probably difficult.

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