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Koh Samui: For sale and gathering dust - island that catered to foreigners is completely deserted

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9 hours ago, rumak said:

I travelled many of the "old roads".    Phuket,  Songkla,  Ko Samet,  Pattaya,  and the beautiful North.


Everywhere got busier and less friendly.   The women got fatter.   


Us (now) old guys miss the young days.   Enjoy the better amenities , nowadays.

And if it weren't for internet would probably not know what to do with ourselves at 3 in the morning,

up after taking a p**s.


But one thing is a fact.   Thailand was prettier back then.    As was I .

Parts of Thailand are still pretty, but only where the masses of tourists don't go. The horde destroys- end of.

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The island that sold its soul for greed got its comeuppance! I for one have no sympathy. I stopped going there last century when it went trendy and expensive. Kicked the cheap places out ( l

Stopped going after I was charged Bt600 for a 5km taxi ride from the airport to Chaweng. And the whole place was a building site. Another example of uncontrolled tourism spoiling a Thai resort.

All these islands and towns that have been ruined is a crying shame. Thanks to the idiocy of authorities, the lack of planning permission has turned these places into ugly dumps . They want high class

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On 7/11/2020 at 10:23 PM, thaibeachlovers said:

Fare for the songtheaw from the ferry port to Chaweng or Lamai used to be 20 baht. Increased significantly even though prices for fuel etc had not gone up much. Just greed. I used to say to myself that one day it was all going to lead to tears. Seems that day has come.

Well, it's maybe not fair to just blame Thai's for the current situation - or the overdevelopment of the Place. I think Farangs were also quite happy to "play-along" in the GREED-GAME. Whenever I visited there, I always felt that the Locals & the Farangs living there felt like they were better than any-other-place ... and looked down on fellow visitors.....? And now ..... everybody is crying foul???

Perhaps, when all the Covid issue will finally be over ..... maybe the various Tourist places all around the world who suffer now - being empty ... will learn to be more appreciative ..... of Visiting Tourists???

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On 7/11/2020 at 11:26 PM, steven100 said:

Koh Samui is a ghost town. Friday night everything was closed, there are no tourists at all.

RIP ...  KS.

are you even here? or maybe just bolted up in chaweng terrified to go to places in Samui where things are almost back to normal ?


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