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Koh Samui: For sale and gathering dust - island that catered to foreigners is completely deserted

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The island that sold its soul for greed got its comeuppance! I for one have no sympathy. I stopped going there last century when it went trendy and expensive. Kicked the cheap places out ( l

Stopped going after I was charged Bt600 for a 5km taxi ride from the airport to Chaweng. And the whole place was a building site. Another example of uncontrolled tourism spoiling a Thai resort.

All these islands and towns that have been ruined is a crying shame. Thanks to the idiocy of authorities, the lack of planning permission has turned these places into ugly dumps . They want high class

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5 hours ago, steven100 said:

i see .... is that an American term  ?  in Australia it's just a gambler .. 

In common parlance a punter is a customer whether shady or legitimate.


59 minutes ago, Hank Gunn said:

What's a "brass"? 😕

A lady / gentleman of the night.  


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On 7/11/2020 at 5:26 PM, steven100 said:

Koh Samui is a ghost town. Friday night everything was closed, there are no tourists at all.

RIP ...  KS.

Hope bangkok air get savaged too for their exorbitant prices and exclusivity upon the route to the island . 

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2 hours ago, geriatrickid said:

Thailand is not dependent on tourism. Industry is the most important  contributor  to the Thai economy and Thailand is short of  labour. It has had a serious labour shortage for a decade. This is why the country  has so many foreign workers in the hospitality and construction sectors. Thailand's skilled services sector  was booming.


Yes, tourism  was a contributor to the economy, and yes it provides jobs, but many of those jobs went to Burmese and Cambodian workers. The Thai people who end up in the lower end hospitality  jobs are there because they don't want to work in retail or in the industrial sector or on a farm. There are  job vacancies  in those sectors.  Yes, Thailand will take a hit this year, but it is a temporary event. The infrastructure is still there, with hotels  still standing, equipment in working order, and tourist attractions awaiting the tourists. As soon as the world air routes reopen, the tourism sector will recover.


Not recognized is that Thailand  has been making bumper windfall profits in its other sectors. Thailand's factories quickly returned to production and have been putting out the needed electronic consumer items that are in short supply because of China problems. Thailand's agricultural exports have been snapped up at ever increasing  prices due to food shortages and supply chain disruptions  in other countries. There are multiple droughts ongoing and Thailand  has lots of rice  to sell. Thailand is well positioned to have a strong recovery. it just needs to hang on a few months more.

think so? thailand is a low wage country despite the high baht,give it a couple of months and theres going to be a depression unlike anything since the depression of the 1930s,so don,t know who,ll be buying all there exports,how much is the average wage in a factory these days?

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3 hours ago, geriatrickid said:

Vietnam behaved in a responsible manner and made decisions to protect the population as a whole, and not  just one segment of the society. They shut their borders very quickly, an action that is now recognized by other countries as something they should have done too. As a result, the Vietnamese economy is emerging to a  recovery and its tourism sector will be up and running as soon as  world travel starts again.

I was there during covid, I can tell u the government did a fabulous job controlling the virus,,most likely the best in the world. A friend took me to her family condo for a few days before I flew home, fed me, and treated me like I was part of their family. I currently have friends n the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Vietnam has been back to normal for quite some time unlike the other countries. My friends in Vietnam are the envy of the others. Normal life in Vietnam, friends in PI and Thailand are not enjoying themselves contrary to what these forum members are conveying. 

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On 7/12/2020 at 3:10 AM, kingdong said:

modest prices?you having a giraffe?

I was thinking "globally". In terms of SEA it's generally overpriced. But so many tourist areas of Thailand have become quite expensive, meaning, for what you actually get, you are paying way too much. btw. I am here now in part because it was a safer place to bring my elderly father (than Pattaya)--because the flights are indeed over-priced, and the pricing is higher, it provides a barrier for the massive influx of low-budget tourists which were not being stopped by the powers that be from entering Thailand (in February 2020)--Pattaya was just nuts with busses, mostly of chinese.... So as for Samui it is not a bad place to isolate during Covid-19 but Thailand does not have access to the latest drugs, and a lot of the farangs on the island are in *complete denial* of Covid-19 being anywhere in LOS, or of the still unknown complications of getting the virus. (I could go on about the lack of testing, and extreme costs for individual testing and, what really happens if you test positive for covid-19 in LOS but I won't here -- I hired a researcher to find out, given the lack of real reporting, and it's not pretty). 

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On 7/11/2020 at 11:28 PM, geisha said:

All these islands and towns that have been ruined is a crying shame. Thanks to the idiocy of authorities, the lack of planning permission has turned these places into ugly dumps . They want high class tourism , what a laugh.

They could have had all the high class tourists they wanted if they hadn't put all their eggs in the chinese basket, what is the saying a "fool and his money are soon parted".  I leave you people to work out who the fool is

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On 7/11/2020 at 9:48 AM, thaibeachlovers said:

Only people to blame are the Thais that destroyed it to get rich.

And many got rich and moved to pursue other stuff. That is life nothing to bitch  about. 

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22 hours ago, Eindhoven said:


We arrived the same year. 

We all have our opinions of when it started going downhill. I didn't particularly like sex tourism moving to Chaweng and the young lads running to me, excited about "being able to get a bird for a tenner". That for me was the beginning of the end. I guess I saw them as the wrong kind of tourist.

Lamai already had the Germanic sex scene, so if you were interested in that, you could go there.

Sex scene arrived in Chaweng long before us and you had to go looking for bargirls , as they were all over the lagoon on the small road by the big Reggae Disco.

Bar girls are a part of the tourist scene in every tourist place in LOS, and always have been since there was a tourist scene in LOS. Even Hua Hin has some.

I seem to remember some bar beers near the strip, but that was years later than 1993.

No such thing as the "wrong sort" of tourist. A tourist arrives on a tourist visa, end of story.


Can't imagine why you got exercised about BGs at Chaweng as they were not hanging around on the strip touting, and no gogos that I remember anywhere. Had I not gone over the lagoon on that rickety wood walkway I'd not even have known there were barbeers at all.


Don't know about Lamai being "Germanic", but that was definitely more a barbeer sort of town. Pity the beach was so rubbish, or I'd have stayed there more.

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