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60 day Extension on marriage chiangmai

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I was on the marriage o visa multiple entry, my next out for 90 days was march 28th the visa expired on june 6th, which then was automatically extended by this immigration amnesty.

If I wanted to get a 60 day extension from chiangmai, is this possible of the back of this amnesty, and what would I need?

(Normally would goto savvahnaket.)

Any one who has done this locally would be great to hear from you.


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It is possible to apply for a 60 day extension to visit you wife at the end of the amnesty.

Your wife will need to be with you when you apply.

You will need your marriage certificate and a copy of it. Copies of your wife's house book registry and ID card.

They also want a recent printout of your Kor Ror 2 marriage registry done at a Amphoe.

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Also might be worthwhile to mention that when you applied for the 60-day extension of stay for reason of visiting your wife, at the end of the Amnesty (31 July when not extended), that your permission to stay will then be valid till end of September.

If you foresee that by then it might still be difficult to exit/re-enter Thailand because of possible quarantaine measures or mandatory covid-insurance or required health-certificates, you would not be forced to exit Thailand but would then be able to apply for the 1-year extension of stay based on your current Non Imm O Visa for reason of marriage. 

Doing so would require 2 months seasoning of 400K on a personal thai bank-account when using the money-in-bank method, or at least two months of monthly-income transfers of +40K with foreign origins proven.

So when opting for the money-in-bank method you would need to have the 400K transferred before end of July (in order to meet the 2 months seasoning requirement for your end of September application). 

When opting for the two monthly income-transfers methods of 40K, you would have to show proof of having conducted such transfers in month of August and September.  But as some IOs - incorrectly - require three months of such transfers, it would be recommended to already start doing that (when you opt for that method) in course of July.

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