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New Pet Food Shop.

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The new store near the 1211/bypass road bridge is rather impressive.

As chef/head waiter to four moggies the 20kg bags of dried food caught my eye, a considerable saving on smaller offerings.

It includes a fishing gear section as well.

Even has a wheelchair ramp.


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If you can bear the truth about ALL processed pet foods, canine and feline, brace yourself and visit this Aussie vet's site:




And here's an introduction how you really ought to be feeding your cats;




In changing to a sensible natural carnivore diet, you will not only save yourself enormous expense in food bills, and veterinary therapy, but you will prolong the life and vigour of your pets.


Oh and no more stinking breath.


Try your pets on a natural diet for 3-4 months, and you'll be astonished at the vitality and joy they begin to manifest.


This YT channel will help you comprehend the problem with processed pet food:





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