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1 hour ago, Wilsonandson said:

I have a 14 year old son. This is a great idea! So as far as I know all I need is :-


- Original birth certificate plus signed copy.

- Signed copies of the child's Tabien Baan.

- Signed copies of your passport pages: ID page, visa, entry stamp, departure card.

   1 x photo 6 x 4.

- Maybe a TM30 completed by the owner/house-master of the address you live at.

- 1,900 baht.


Thank's JackThompson, you solved my problem.

Think you need son with you. 

Someone that has done that will confirm or dismiss.

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6 hours ago, E020 said:

...Before someone says 'you could get out' , NO ONE SAID we HAD to get out! My country said it is our own responsbability...


I don't know your nationality nor how you arrived in Thailand but when you arrived immigration put a stamp into your passport informing you how long you were allowed to stay in Thailand. That stamp was immigration's way of telling you to get out not later than that date.


In addition, when the Covid-19 pandemic started, the embassies of many countries advised their nationals to cut their visit short and get out quickly while commercial flights were still available.


Later, some countries arranged repatriation flights for those who had failed to heed their advice to get out quickly.


You write that your - unnamed - country said that it was your own responsibility. Who else's responsibility did you expect it to be?

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