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Pointless polls conducted regards opening borders!

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Entrainment and why bother reading them if they upset you. 

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12 minutes ago, ChouDoufu said:

have you considered starting a poll to see what other forum members think about this?

Please!  Nooooooooooo!

Ok.  Need  a  filler .

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As per the following notice that is pinned in the Pub forum:


 Policy regarding Thailand Political discussions.:



Policy In  Farang Pub - fun, entertainment and Expat life  Regarding Thailand Election/Political Discussions

As a result of the great increase in posts about politics in Thailand, we are requesting that members keep political discussion confined to threads already open in the Thailand News Forum.

Non-political topics in "General" which are hijacked with political arguments will see posts removed without further notice.

Members who cannot comply with our request will risk a posting suspension.


And let's not forget NO discussion of the Monarchy in a political context. An immediate ban is possible.

Link to forum rules regarding the Monarchy: Here

Thanks for your understanding and participation on Thaivisa.


Thaivisa moderating team






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