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Visa ran out, could have extended, what are my options

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Hi all, went to extend my none o a while back in mahasarakham and was in short told not to bother and go home,

anyway it’s well over so I’m overstaying but obviously not with the amnesty, however I want to know can I still update 60 days as normal or am I too past the date now? I went in time but was told to go home basically? I don’t know if I can extend 60 days from when it ran out or if I’m going home end of July now?

I don’t think it matters? But I have a none o on the basis I have a child in school here who is Thai/English however weirdly it’s classed as him being here in a priv school , not fully sure but it’s not for marriage although I don’t think that matters it’s a none o, I have two kids in school so I really want to get it sorted or at least plan, btw my none o allows me to get 60 days extension as opposed to the usual 30 here is a pic of my passport visa , I know a lot are in worse situations then me wanting to see there kids etc so hope it’s sorted soon,


I have attached an image of my passport/visa page, would it be worth going again to the office in sarakham? if so, will they even extend me given its overstay now? and if they did id assume the 60 day extension would be from the day my visa ran out? as in not from now? they could argue I should have done this before it ran out, at the time I did try and the covid was in full affect then so even getting around was difficult, if they didnt fob me off maybe they could have updated then just maybe couldnt be bothered or didnt know the rules at that point? 

appreciate any replies or help in advance cheers




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the op is painful to the eyes to read, so i didn't

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10 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

You are certainly not on an overstay. You are under the amnesty until the 31st like many other people.

You can still apply for a 60 day extension near the end of the amnesty. You only need proof you the parent of a Thai. It doesn't matter what your visa was issued for and it does state on it the reason it was issued.

Thanks Joe, I have extended several times before so I have all paper work in order, I appreciate what your saying that I doesnt matter what my visa was issues for either not sure why I added that, your a star, second time youve helped me out, appreciated, all the best

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