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Is it the battery, charger or "something" else ?

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23 minutes ago, johnray said:

Laptop battery always go after a year.

Quite a statement - unfortunately one which can easily be proven wrong by everyone who has a laptop with a battery which lasts well beyond a year !!!!

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FROM OP - Thanks to all for their comments and advice regarding my laptop not charging. Visited Khon Kaen today and went to a computer repair shop near the railway station, they have done a go

Thank you for your comment If I knew what exactly the problem was I would not be asking the question would I ? I know how to use a laptop but do not know when what the cause is / maybe is when

That is somewhat ironic, since you got angry when I suggested that an earlier post of yours didn't make sense. Now here you are Trolling the OP for a typographical error. Be nice, eh?

11 hours ago, teacherclaire said:

What kind of advice is that?


     OP,  it could be the connector inside your notebook where the charging cable connects to. 


 Sorry for not having time to read all posts, but have you tried it with the battery removed? ( If easily possible)


        Batteries can have a short and that's also a possibility. 


The OP made a big typo error in his original post, hence the advice. He has now corrected it.

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