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It’s just too risky to allow foreign tourists to visit Thailand, says top Thai doctor

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Wonder where Khun Doctor gets his salary from?  Not any tourism related businesses.  He also must have a steady income and probably is wealthy.  He might of well have said: "Let average Thai people

Keep them out for a year let the unemploymen rate rocket and the baht plumet. Never mind that most people in the tourism industry will lose their jobs. Many bars and restaurants in Pattaya have alread

the Baht is not going to plummet. Western currencies are going to slowly drop in value.     the Thai economy has contracted about 10% so things are difficult but they will make adjustments l

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32 minutes ago, steelepulse said:

Cases does not come close to equaling death when the ifr is .04% ( 4 out of 10000 people)  in people under 70 years old as shown in this paper which covered 23 studies with at least 500 people in each study, or if you take the CDC number of .26% (26 out of 10,000 people)




What's with all the fear and scare mongering and why aren't the real facts, studies and numbers being shown in main stream media?  Why isn't the main stream media breaking down the deaths by those with health risks, co morbidities, obesity prevalence etc., vs those that had a good immune system, exercised regularly, had a good diet etc.


The data is certainly out there re older people and those with health conditions having much higher levels of risk for serious health problems and death from CV...  But the ability to become infected and spread the virus is just as much for young healthy people as older people.


And the reality is, children have parents, and parents have parents, and they all live in the same world and places together. So unless you ultimately want to condemn all the at risk groups to sickness and death and overwhelm the health care systems in the process, you have to stop the spread of the virus, even among those who themselves won't become sick or fatalities in very high numbers -- at least until there's a proven vaccine.



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1 hour ago, Paiman said:

The well known Dr. has said many things to establish an elevated social media position. Easy done from the Ivory tower.


Is he really concerned or more concerned that people will not remember his name.

The doctor posting with his real name and photo from his “ivory tower” vs. the anonymous guy without a photo and name posting his sofa. 

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