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Blood sugar and covid

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I thought this was common knowledge, but it might be helpful to those of you who are not aware.  Plenty of info out there about this, and this is why we are seeing obese, diabetic, insulin resistant and those with a metabolic condition having the worst outcomes.


Blood sugar issues are a common denominator on how bad covid affects people.





Blood Sugar Can Predict Likelihood of Death

  • Blood glucose (the key component) impacts your immune response to COVID-19.
  • In a study of patients in Wuhan, China, the hospitalized COVID-19 patients with the highest blood sugar levels had the worst outcomes, and it was predictive of their likelihood of dying from the virus.

How Blood Sugar Affects Immune Response to COVID-19

  • Prolonged high blood sugar causes chronic inflammation.
  • High blood sugar is linked to an out-of control inflammatory immune overreaction (cytokine storm) — often ending in death.
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Quite happy that I started with a serious ketogenic diet combined with intermittent fasting last year...


Right now doing more lowcarb, but if I have to leave I can get back on ketones instead of glucose in a week or so!'


Almost everything that has been told us on diet the past decades has been dead WRONG, and there are tons of material and groups out there for anyone who want to change things around 🙂

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