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Video: Police called after Egyptian soldiers allegedly refuse initial COVID-19 test

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Video: Police called after Egyptian soldiers allegedly refuse initial COVID-19 test



video screenshot


Police had to be called in after a group of Egyptian soldiers refused to be tested for coronavirus at a well known Rayong Hotel. 


Channel 3 reported that a soldier had tested positive and it was known that he had left the hotel and been to various places including a department store. 


Sathit Pitutecha of the Thai health department revealed that the Egyptian embassy had to be contacted after there was an initial refusal to be tested. 


Even when the police came along with a large entourage of health personnel there was resistance, as evidenced in a video published by Channel 3.


The infected soldier was at the store between 11am and 3 pm and an inquiry is underway to determine where he exactly went and whom he came into contact with.


The video showed several police officers standing by as two men talked to a foreigner.



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4 hours ago, NCC1701A said:

wow look at the line up in the hallway!


Obviously, they were well prepared for the arrival of the "dirty" foreigners....  :clap2:




From listening to the video on full volume turned up, it sounds like the main Egyptian guy and the main Thai guy were talking in English, and that the Thai guy was trying to explain and get the Egyptian guy to understand just who they were trying to get tested... At least, as best as I could decipher it.


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3 hours ago, Yorkshire Tea said:

Mor Channa "app" will show exactly who the infected soldier came into contact with 😉

yeah, how does that work?

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My wife is going crazy about this & how the Government even let them get in.

We have done all the Government wanted us to & now they let us down because they "are big wigs"

General Prayut, get a grip the virus does not differentiate

What screening measures did you have in place for the US Generals visit ? 

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A baseball bat would do the talk - while even investors need to go to ASQ they let-in a bunch of whatever, who even refused to get tested while already infected. No need to be polite and kindly request: action speaks louder than words.

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