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All flights from Egypt to be barred from landing in Thailand

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24 minutes ago, rkidlad said:

You have set rules and guidelines and you have an emergency decree. The onus isn't on guests doing tests and going into quarantine, etc. It's your job to ensure they do or you send them packing if they don't.



Thailand should implement like what they do in China and other countries, i.e you have to pay for the hotel fees and the personnel to guard you for 14 days.


It's all government regulated and not embassy regulated like in this case. The embassy could abuse the system.

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12 minutes ago, Raphus said:

Giving special dispensation to military and diplomats not going through quarantine as asking for trouble. Just like the African diplomat's family whose daughter is positive. Now they are chasing more suspected cases...

Incompetence. I really see that there are too many departments making rules in government that should come from one steering committee. As, we are seeing breaks in the cohesion of the rules.


Sooner or later, Thailand is going to ban all flight crews, diplomats as well.


(No) Thanks to these type of people, Thailand won't be opening up soon to any travel bubble.

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41 minutes ago, JusticeGB said:

Probably the firing squads are already lined up for the soldier for when he returns to Egypt. 

Think he is already back in Egypt as they left and it was not until afterwards the test results came back confirming one of them had tested positive....

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1 minute ago, rkidlad said:

Didn't these people take a day trip to China? 

They first landed in Rayong on July 9, then flew to China. Then flew back to Rayong on July 10.


It's not even a full day if you consider the flight time to and fro to China so it's safe to assume they didn't spend the night in China.


What were they doing in China without being quarantined like most visitors to China?



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