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Eight-year-old boy electrocuted to death in school

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Just now, tonray said:

Really....perhaps you can post their test scores here

so you are defending the standard of village teaching are you?  If you are, then that's an interesting view, considering where Thailand stands in the World of education. 

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Still they dont get it. Why would you ground the installation? Cant see the bottom of the installation.

But never the less then the resistance is too high and the boy too low. If it is grounded, they did wrong , false safety again.

Placed at wrong spot, too open for everybody. Why not use a non metal box. OK , its Thailand still not aware of the danger of electricity.

Or why would you use an RCBO? It could already have been switched off before the accident.

Boy could have been alive.

If you dont know how to do CPR then you cant do it. How many Thai people, or in any other country, know how to do it right?

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On 7/15/2020 at 8:05 AM, Mak25 said:

Build a high voltage box in the reach of children. What could possibly go wrong?

what should the kid do without internet, they can not survive without. ironic meant

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