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Retirement Visa Application Denied.

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2 hours ago, from the home of CC said:

really can't think of another country that you would be able to able to stay under this situation, consider yourself lucky you're not sitting on a plane out of here..

the thais are bending over to facilitate farangs stranded in the los,long may it continue

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, DrJack54 said:

You did what last March. Report exactly what? What does up country mean. You need report address to wherever imm office you deal with.  That will not be police station.

If your eg Udon Thani then state that.

It will not be cop shop. Nonsense thread.

Foreigner addy-reporting could be done at police-stations previously - he said his apt-manager came with to do it.  Maybe they still process them in areas w/o an immigration office close by.  The apt-mgr could have done a TM-30 on line, instead - but glad he got something.

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