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It very much depends on the immigration office you need to use and, in many cases, the individual immigration official. I am happy things worked out well for you, and just feel sorry for those who encounter a much different reaction.

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I've read so many IO horror stories, that it's nice to read a good one. 

I think the provincial offices must be easier to deal with than the resort offices and their agent culture. 

All the same, we'll done the op. 

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Thanks for sharing your experience!  Highly appreciated.

And of course congratulations with your successful application not even having to play your 60-day Extension of stay Joker.

You are most surely lucky.

Lucky in the sense that your Buriram IO did not even accept but actually proposed a 1-year extension of stay of your Non Imm O Visa for reason of retirement.

If all IOs would be that accomodating!

Those in same situation as yourself but reporting to e.g. Nonthaburi IO and applying with an expired permission to stay, do not even get their 60-day extension of stay accepted (and of course the 1-year permission to stay is completely out of the question).  Forcing them to either relocate to a different province with a reasonable IO, or having to leave the country.

So yes, you are quite lucky.  Of course it is also a somewhat reciprocal situation, because an application for a 1-year Non Imm O extension of stay for reason of retirement requires far less paperwork (for you to provide, and for IO to process) than an application for reason of marriage, which you would also have been able to apply for (after first having used your 60-day extension of stay).

Time for you to celebrate after a somewhat stressful period of insecurity!  Cheers.

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