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Pattaya: After the floods mayor calls for patience - all the busted pumps are nearly repaired

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Nobody could expect that the Rainy Season will come this year again. We had it so many years before already. But enough is enough! 

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Thing is why were the broken pumps not fixed before?

maintenance in Thailand, you are kidding surely  🤣   

Come on now Colin. Only serious questions please.

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5 minutes ago, Rick Sanchez said:

flood + rat pis + trash = .... new scare ?

You forgot electric cables on the ground. Never forget this guy that got electrocuted at the crossing 2nd Road / South Pattaya Road when he tried to cross the road. 

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2 hours ago, keith101 said:

If only somehow they could pump all the flood water out to the reservoir instead of out into the bay . 

Nowhere in the world does anyone use stromwater from a deveoped or built up area for consumption. The impurities, contaminants and chemicals make it all but useless

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2 hours ago, keith101 said:

If only somehow they could pump all the flood water out to the reservoir instead of out into the bay . 

You gotta be joking, the stuff flowing down the streets has a very high sewage content 😞

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4 hours ago, Kerryd said:

It's like the leaky roof. When it's not raining, the roof isn't leaking so why bother fixing it ? 

But then when it rains and the roof is leaking (again) - you can't do anything about it until the rain stops !

And (again) - no, you do not want all that storm run-off being pumped into the reservoir where it would mix with the "clean" water before being pumped into the city's water system.
That storm run-off is contaminated with all manner of hazmat c.rap. Garbage, dead animals, spilt/dumped oil, discarded batteries and everything else that ends up in the sewers, ditches and klongs.

The water in the reservoirs isn't "purified" at all before being pumped to your homes. 
Filtered yes, to removed the "big" stuff (vegetation and animal matter).
Some places (like many in Canada) add aluminum sulphate to the water, which causes small "particles" to clump together so they can be filtered out. Some also add fluoride as well.

I suspect that Thailand probably doesn't do either. If you start diverting all that storm run-off into the reservoirs, guess what's going to be coming out of your taps ?  The same c.rap you see flowing down the streets and ditches every time it rains.

Basically, you'd need to build a whole bunch of (contaminated water) reservoirs to hold all that run off, then build more Waste Water (sewage) Treatment plants to filter and treat that contaminated water, then add it to the "clean" reservoir supply.

They have been talking about diverting Waste Water Treatment plant outflow to the reservoirs already. In "Western" countries with strict environmental standards and regulations, the outflow from a sewage treatment plant should be drinkable, but people really don't like the idea of drinking sewer water, even though it's basically pure water.

Are the standards and regulations in Thailand the same ? Apparently pump maintenance isn't high on the list of priorities, I wonder what kind of priorities they'd have on maintaining sewage treatment plants that would be pumping "treated" water into the city's supply.

I would go as far as to say that there is very little ~ clean water ~ for catchment.

All the poor planning, with Factories and all kinds of other Industries located within Urban Areas and in Green Zones, has put paid to that notion.

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