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1 hour ago, unheard said:


I thought you have to verify the fund's foreign origin only for the 40K transfers.

You are correct. Also ubon pulled me up.

I was incorrectly referring to extensions based on retirement. Where money needs to be shown came from o/s. 

I run daily my stuff up sheet. Think today was less than 2 which is personal best Down from many.

My curve has been  getting better. Cheers

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5 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:

Now that the approval process is no longer the MFA in Thailand a ‘Western’ Marriage certificate may not need a Thai Translation. i.e. Having a Marriage Certificate issued by the UK may meet the requirements.

But Immigration still requires a foreign marriage certificate to be validated, which, in the UK's case, entails a cumbersomely bureaucratic legalisation process:-




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