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black tabby

Defense against mean dogs

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12 hours ago, rumak said:

Well,  i guess Mr Milan is showing fear as well.   He will sometimes choose to use a tennis racket or something of that nature to create space between himself and a dog that wants to bite.  If one is confident, they do not have to "assert" it. Just like showing a stick is different than "shaking" a stick.   

Thanks for your anecdotes,  but I will continue to take defensive actions when and how i feel necessary and

advise others to do likewise.    But as you say...... go ahead and do it your way .  

I totally agree with you.

We should continue to take defensive actions when and how we feel necessary and advise others.

So we can help others  to stay out of needless pains and grieves they don't deserve.

Those eagerly ridiculing the people with defensive actions is totally doing the opposite.  

They are so obsessed with pushing their farewell-to-arms doctrine just because they have never met  any dog attacks in own life(yet).

Let's  stick to ourselves & continue on what we are doing now.

For our own good and others.


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21 hours ago, Cake Monster said:

The current defensive Toy is a copy of a Magnum .45

It holds nearly 200  Ml of Ammo, and its concentrated effective range is 6,5 M, with a spray pattern of nearly 2 M Diameter at 9 M.

So if the shot is not really good on the incoming attack, there will be a good chance of a spray burst getting some effect before the Beast gets close.

I also can get off abut 4 shots per Second

I have found that the Dogs do not like even the small amount of spray because their Noses are so sensitive.

Only a few days ago, a pack of Soi Dogs attacked a little 7 year old Boy, just 60 M from my House.

The little lad is going to be badly scared for the rest of his life, so I have little sympathy for any distress that I may cause an attacking Dog.

Dear Cake Monster,


Thank you for your detailed reply which I really enjoyed reading.

Truly sad & upset about what had happened to your young neighbor.

Relieved to know he survived such an ordeal. Did he narrowly escape unharmed?  Hope so though.

As a man already experienced  several hundred of dog attack near-misses, I have no sympathy with those beast when they pose threat to myself and others.  

Fortunately enough, I could rescue a couple of would-be victims by now.

A few rounds of sour shower have always fixed up 4-legged aggressors in each case.

Let's stay safe with the tools of our choices & hopefully can save others as well when the need arises.


Black Tabby with the Mean Dog Buster Spray

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