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CCTV: Large male "Celebrity Fighter" attacks female pump attendant in Hua Hin

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CCTV: Large male "Celebrity Fighter" attacks female pump attendant in Hua Hin



Picture: Sanook


A man who is believed to be a well known celebrity viciously attacked a female pump attendant.


She was only doing her job but ended up with a hemorrhage inside her ear, deafness and a possible perforated eardrum.


Saowaluck, 31, went to the Hua Hin police last night armed with CCTV evidence from the PTT station in Khao Tao. 


The CCTV showed the man arguing as she listened while sitting. Then, completely unprovoked physically, he attacked. 


Saowaluck told Sanook that when the customer arrived in a Honda Civic she had been discussing about changing the price board with a male colleague and did not immediately notice that she had a customer.


A woman in the car accused her of chatting and not doing her job. The couple were angered further when a sign with a magnet was put on the hood of the vehicle and they claimed it was done noisily..


After putting in 700 baht's worth of fuel the man got even more cross that Saowaluck replaced the filler cap in a noisy manner damaging his car in retaliation for being criticized. 


She didn't respond to this claim and just went and sat down. 


The large man - who she recognized as a celebrity fighter - would not let the matter rest. He acted as if to strike her with his hand.


Then he swiped her over the left ear causing her to buckle. He then turned on a male colleague but because she had deafness she could not hear what was said.


The couple then drove off and she reported the matter to her manager.


At the hospital she was found to have internal bleeding and a check up would be needed in a few days to ascertain if she had a perforated eardrum. She was given antibiotics in the meantime then went to the police.


The police told Sanook that they would issue a summons and were waiting on a medical report to determine the seriousness of the lady's injuries. 


The male colleague told the media that they were only doing their jobs and he had never experienced this sort of thing before. 


He wanted the man prosecuted for what he did.


He said the man looked like he was going to attack him, too, before the couple drove off into the night. 


Source: Sanook




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-07-17

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Yes a celebrity alright, a celebrity abuser, needs taken down a peg or 2. Being that he is a celebrity and she just a pump operator, 500 baht and a wai and matter ended. Police should do the

This calls for a prison sentence, nothing less. And a hefty financial settlement to the lady.    These entitled individuals need taking down several pegs and I am quite sure that the very gr

Arrogant <deleted>, but he will probably get off lightly, if punished at all, as this is Thailand.

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well hang on a minute. I had a petrol station scratch a brand new sti at the cap and bonnet with carlessness. My wife would go bananas at these people when filling up to be careful where as i would just let it go usually. We had our local servo wash the car once and got a huge loss of paint on the rear bumper when they didnt change the polisher disc after trying to polish my car when we told them not to do anything apart from wash the outside..

I felt like hitting the lot of them!! Manager said he would pay 5000thb and never did. Well it was quoted at 9000thb but decided to sell the car soon after because we couldnt keep people off it really being the main reason. Took the fun out of it. They would all lean on the real spoiler and such. Guy that bought it talked us down another 50k because we hadnt fixed the bumper. Had it for a year and lost 2million...

No excuse to hit a girl but why arent they told and shown how to care about other peoples things and stop the stupid adds on the hood. I prefer to put my own fuel in but nup...

funny, had about 20 people hang around the car because all though pretty boring internationally a modified subaru sti 2015 is pretty cool to them i guess. As soon as it was scratched everyone scattered and the manager guy who couldnt stop asking me questions earlier locked his dam door and wouldnt answer.

Some times its not better to try and impress people more than your capable of even though its just washing a dam car.

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