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Five years ago I met Khun Noom and he owned a trekking camp in Khao Sok. He really wanted to move to a more ethical business model,  and give his Elephants a better life. As a foreigner, and as an animal activist, when we met he asked me for help. So over the next two years my children and I would come the 2.5 hour drive from Phuket up to Khao Sok every other week, and do trial tours and advised him to buy land that had a river on it or water, which he did. He moved his two female elephants, Wasana and Si Nin, to the sanctuary where they lived in peace and harmony for the last few years. COVID-19 has brought this sanctuary to its knees. He has no money to pay his mahouts, or food for the Elephants. They have to forage in the...Read More


You can donate and support Khun Noom here:


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Save the elephants in Kao sok???

How about the 25 elephants in the Wild Life Friends Found Fondation park, managed by a private owner who needs the money 10 times more than Kao Sok.

No income any more because the covid-19.

But feed 25 elephants every day.

Kao sok is government, the army only has to buy one plane less.

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The elephants in Khao Sok are fine.  The elephants that have been captured for tourism are suffering.  Your friend is exploiting the elephants to raise money.   I don’t understand!!!!!   Too many unwitting foreigners gets sucked into these cries for help.   I’ve lived here 22 years 

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