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Quarantine in Chiang Mai?

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20 hours ago, blackcab said:

Q: Do Thai citizens still need to go to a hotel chosen by the government to do a 14 days quarantine ?


A: Thai citizens must quarantine for 14 days. There are two choices. 1. State Quarantine, which is free for Thai citizens. 2. Alternative State Quarantine, which must be paid for. Either choice means you will be restricted to a hotel room for 14 days.


Q: Is there an option to do the quarantine in your own home ?


A: No. You can only go to facilities pre approved by the Thai government.


Q: Is there actually a quarantine at all for Thai citizens.


A: Yes. You must be isolated for 14 days. You will be strictly supervised during this period.

This is coming from abroad, right?


What about going from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (or any other province)?


Is there quarantine in Chiang Mai?

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CM to BKK to CM no quarantine. Just flew 10 or so days ago. 

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