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Every few minutes I getting the 'error 403 - The request could not be satisfied.' message which causes my session to crash. Happened 2/3 days ago for roughly 36 hours, now again for past 24 hours. Gone though MS trouble shooting, without resolution and raised via email with Support with no answer. Believe issue resides within the hosted app. It is possible to get a fix or at least a heads up on resolution timeline / recommendation/s. Running latest version of  Win 10 and Google Chrome.

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8 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

Have you tried clearing cache on Chrome settings.

I have not been getting it and using it and windows 10.

Yes, on a number of occasions

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same happening from here too (in OZ) - last coupla days...


I had been of late using Brave until these last coupla days.

Tried randomly using different Browsers... I.E/Chrome/SlimBrowser...


at the moment I am finally back on Chrome, but only because I found the error only stays away, using a VPN (Hola) set for Thailand 



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Got the 404 error twice  .... just 5 minutes ago when I clicked on the ' grace period announcement ' topic ..

Then after a third time it worked ok ....

I believe it's a gateway server problem possibly.

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