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How is Krabi for a visit now?

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Thinking of a vacation trip from Prachuap in the next month and we have not yet been to Krabi. Could drive down.

Driven down before and been to Phuket, Samui, Khao Lak, Phang Na Bay.

I am UK expat with Thai wife, not so concerned about sea and beaches, that's normally a part of the trip but not the main feature.

Character places to visit, genuine people and good food just as important.


I dont see much news recently on how things are, open or not?

Can anybody update please.

How is Ao Nang and the old town.

To what extent are hotels and restaurants open, and the beaches.

Is Tiger cave open, and others?

Also I assume that Koh Lanta may be pretty dead.

Anybody living down there who can advise how things are. Is there much open at present?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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I have just been there one week ago, many hotels open but many restaurants are not. I could recommend you the Panan Krabi Resort in Ao Nang, clean hotel, nice pools and great staff. Beaches are opened and not crowded anymore. If you plan on doing a trip to Koh Hong island or Koh Tup you can get a private Longtail boat for the fraction of the normal price as there are almost no tourists but the fee for foreigners is 400 Baht on the islands, not even discounted with work permit.

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Came away from Ao Nang yesterday, could not believe how quiet it was.. just 2 restaurant,s open facing the beach.. every other 7/11 closed..the place is deserted,feel so sorry for the many businesses that depend on the tourist trade... some great deals on the Hotels that are open though 👍

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It's true that a lot of establishments in Ao Nang are closed (some perhaps permanently) but there are still many places that are open-especially if you have a car and can look around on your own. You should have no trouble finding a variety of food and drink.


Krabi town has seemed fairly normal lately, especially if you go to places where locals go. 


In any case, come on down, I'm sure that many places would love to have your business.





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I live in Ao nang and say come on down, Hotels are opening and offering much better deals than the normal low season. 

The beaches are still deserted and traffic is a fraction of normal, Restaurants are gradually opening and you will find plenty of good places to eat, if you want a couple of recommendations P M me. Don't forget its rainy season , we are very green at the moment...

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