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Britain nears abandoning Brexit trade deal hope - The Telegraph

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1 hour ago, RayC said:

I think we are talking at cross-purposes. Wasn't the original post about nations leaving the EU? I suggested (by implication) that the net contributors - Germany, France, The N'lands - would most likely be the ones to jump ship if any, but that none of them show any signs of doing so. I assume that you are not suggesting that net recipients such as Hungary or Poland will up sticks? (even though I'd concede that the current govts. of both probably would like to).

Now that is pot, kettle, black. There was a deal placed on the table by the EU 2 or 3 years ago, which the UK government rejected and then spent 3 years arguing about what it did want. This UK government now wants that original deal - or something approaching it. However, the EU withdrew the offer long ago realising that it was too generous. Hardly the EU's fault.


Of the current problems. Imo both sides need to 'get real' about the fishing issue. In the big scheme of things, Johnson shouldn't worry about upsetting a few Scottish fishermen. Likewise, Barnier needs to tell Macron and Sanchez something similar re their French and Spanish counterparts. It shouldn't be difficult to reach a compromise here.


The major stumbling block is the integrity of the Single Market. Rightly (imo), or wrongly, the EU will not compromise on this issue. The UK should have realised this 3 years ago and the sooner we come to terms with this fact, the better.


Thanks for the link. Interesting read (What follows ignores the effects of the Covid crisis. Who knows where that will leave us?). Europe - including the UK - is a mature market and, over the medium term, probably will lag other blocks in economic growth and/or growth in trade. Nevertheless, in absolute terms, the EU market - together with the US - remain the two largest trading entities. The EU has 7 of the top 20 - 3 of the top 10 - importers. Within the EU there are no barriers to entering these markets. There have to be good reasons for giving up this access and I fail to see it. (Incidentally my source: https://www.wto.org/english/res_e/statis_e/wts2020_e/wts20_toc_e.htm

Statistical report 2020. Table 7, I think. Can't say that I've read that much of the document, mind!!!)

From your responses, I agree, we are talking at cross-purposes. 

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